Monday, October 25, 2010

Workplace 2.0: Capitalizing on Workplace Diversity

On October 12, NCSLA hosted the “Workplace 2.0: Capitalizing on Workplace Diversity” event at the Duke Conference Center at Perimeter One in Morrisville, NC. Guest speaker, Barbie Keiser, discussed the importance of diversity in everyone’s lives. Keiser is an Information Resources Management consultant from the Washington DC metro area. She has 25 years of experience in library administration and library education.

Keiser began the presentation with a discussion of the word “Diversity” and its importance in society, especially in the workplace. She explained that diversity can be differences in culture, demographics, or capital knowledge. To illustrate diversity in capital knowledge, Keiser used social networking as an example. There are people who use social networking everyday while others rarely, if ever, use it. Keiser suggested employers can close the knowledge gap by capturing knowledge. The military uses this technique to help with the transition between new and retiring employees.

Keiser suggested using diversity to foster innovation in the work place. With technology changing the way people work, Keiser encouraged participants to recognize diverse working styles in order to get people to work better together. She also encouraged the audience to get a better understanding of working with other cultures. In a diverse work environment, Keiser stressed the importance of learning the different work styles, work ethics, and needs of employees.

The event was attended by seven NCSLA members who generated a great informal discussion about diversity in the workplace.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Get Connected: Meet Your Local NC Library Associations

The Get Connected: Meet Your Local NC Library Associations event took place on Thursday, October 7, 2010, at the beautiful new South Regional Library in Durham. The North Carolina Special Libraries Association and the North Carolina Library Association- New Members Round Table sponsored this free event. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with association representatives and learn more about the North Carolina library associations as well as the Special Libraries Association and the American Libraries Association. Sixteen NCLA and NCSLA representatives spoke with twenty-five participants about their leadership roles in library associations. The participants ranged from MLS students to new or newly relocated professionals. Dave Trudeau, Library Director at Vance-Granville Community College, won a $25 gas card. A networking dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at Southpoint Mall followed the event with twenty-two people participating.

The NCSLA and NCLA representatives:
Jamal Cromity & Tamika Barnes, President & President-Elect- NCSLA
Jill Robinson Morris, NCSLA Student Relations Chari & NCLA New Members Round Table
Tiffany Lopez & Susan Forbes, 1st and 3rd year Directors - NCSLA
Sherwin Rice, President, Executive Board - NCLA
Rodney Lippard, ALA Council, Executive Board- NCLA
Betty Garrison & Kathy Makens, Business Librarians in North Carolina (BLINC) – NCLA
Mark Sanders, Reference & Adult Services Section – NCLA
Carolyn Willis & Suchi Mohanty, College & University Section – NCLA
Jason Tomberlin, Round Table on Special Collections – NCLA
Meralyn Meadows, North Carolina Library Paraprofessionals Association - NCLA
Terri Luke, Public Library Section – NCLA
Iyanna Sims, Round Table for Ethnic Minority Concerns (REMCo) – NCLA
Jennifer Hanft, Membership and New Members Round Table - NCLA

Friday, October 1, 2010

Professional Presence Workshop - October 22nd

How do you create a professional image?

Presenting yourself successfully in person and online is essential to achieving your career goals. Our speakers will discuss the elements that will help you to create a presence that will enhance your profile with prospective employers and colleagues.

Professional Presence Workshop
October 22nd, 2010
12:00 – 4:00 (Lunch included with registration)
Center for Creative Leadership (Driving Directions)
One Leadership Place
Greensboro, NC

Speakers will include:

Kathy Schaftlein, Senior Learning & Development Manager, Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC
Kathy manages the Center’s employee benefits and serves as the HR Compliance and Privacy Officer. Additionally, Kathy is involved in the Center's internal learning and development initiatives to support employee development. Prior to joining CCL she worked in Human Resources Development roles in the retail and financial services industry.

Mike Crumpton, Assistant Dean for Administrative Services at the University Libraries of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Mike's areas of responsibility at the Libraries include personnel management. He has a background as a manager with Barnes and Noble Bookstores and has also been a community college library director.

Personal style representative, Nordstrom, Durham, NC
This person will discuss how clothing style and personal appearance contribute to creating a professional image.

Lunch will be provided as we network and exchange business cards.

Registration deadline: October 18th
Registration fee: $15.00 NC Chapter of SLA members; $10.00 students; Guests and non-members $20.00.
Registration: Go to

For more information:
Mary Krautter at or 336-256-0274 or
Mary Lane at or 336-335-6896