Monday, January 26, 2009

First Board Meeting of the New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

The first board meeting of the new year will take place on Thursday, February 5, 2009, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST at the NC Biotechnology Center in RTP. The room will be available to us for another hour after the meeting concludes for anyone interested in meeting with their predecessor/successor to hand over files or exchange ideas. The meeting agenda is below.

Call to Order

Approval of December 4, 2008 board meeting minutes -- Susie Corbett, Secretary (do we have minutes from this "meeting"?)

Officer and Committee Reports
  • Review 2009 budget - Mary Krautter, Treasurer
  • Program plans - Jamal Cromity, President Elect
  • 2008 reports to SLA - Joanie Olivier, Past President
  • Membership - Erin Iannacchione
  • Third Year Director - Karin Shank
  • Second Year Director - Susan Forbes
  • First-Year Director - Mary Lane
  • Career Guidance & Employment - Tamika Barnes McCollough
  • Student Relations - Jill Robinson
  • Archives - Rebecca Vargha
  • Discussion List Manager - Barb LeBlanc
  • Communications / PR - Amy Davis
  • Strategic Planning - Sperry Krueger
  • Webmaster - Amy Johnson

Old Business
  • Report on Leadership Summit - Jamal & Mary K.
  • Video contest - Tamika Barnes McCollough
  • Can we combine two banquets into one annual banquet for awards and officer installation?

New Business
  • SARC involvement
  • Sponsoring an SLA member in a developing country



I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Can't wait to join the team.

Amy Johnson

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